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More to it than just making calls

Starter Features

Call Queues

Enhance your callers’ call queue waiting experience with features such as music-on-hold.

Voicemail to Email

With Voice to Email, you can easily keep your finger on Voicemails that go straight to the business mailbox.

Call Queues

Unlimited lines means unlimited concurrent calls. Customers don’t like hearing the ‘busy tone’.

Forward to cell phones and landlines

Forward to cell phones and landlines Internet outage at your office? You are always moving? It's alright, with this feature, you will never miss a call.

Caller ID

Sending a valid or unique caller ID will help build trust between you and your customer. You can choose to show no caller ID, a specific caller ID, or different caller ID for marketing campaigns.

Digital Faxing

With digital faxing, businesses can now send and receive faxes through their email inbox. Incoming faxes are attached to emails as images which can be printed if needed.

Call Transfer

Not the right person to handle the call? It's okay, you can transfer the call to someone else in your team.

Agent to Agent Calling

Promote team collaboration within your company with extension one-click dialing to Voicelytics users on the same company account

Business Hours

Automate your business with pre-configured business hours for associated call routing features to suit your evolving needs.

We make it easy for your customers to call you

Customer Engagement Features

Digital Conferencing & Collaboration

Conference from any phone, mobile whether you are at the office or on the move. Bring your team or customers together for important meetings.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Improve the way your customers reach you. Your business will suddently seem more professional and impressive. Your customers will be greeted with a professional welcome message.Common examples include announcing the operating hours.

Crystal clear HD Call Recording

Whether your business is just starting out or well establised. Voicelytics call recording solutions cater for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Our solutions are designed to monitor and train your staff by reviewing calls for quality training purposes to ensure continual service improvement.

Staff Coaching Tools

Instead of giving your employees advice after they’ve hung up the phone, give them advice while they’re on the call, which allows you to provide advice, tips, and information to your employees while they are on the phone with a customer without the customer being aware

Customized Marketing - On-Hold

If your company often has to put callers on hold, this features is a necessity. This feature allows you to choose what your callers listen to as they wait. Why not create a promotional ads for your customers while they wait on the phone?

Call Group Management (CGM)

With the ever changing landscape, more and more businesses are demanding greater flexibility when it comes to their telephone system, enabling smart call routing, call queues management, and ring groups so calls can be directed to designated departments or call centers rather than bombarding a busy receptionist.

Transform the way your business communicate

Smart Companies use Voicelytics to add value to their Business Communications
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