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  • How-To Guide: Keeping Calm and Staying Positive During Covid-19

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    • Voicelytics Chief Editor
    • June 7, 2020
    • 12:00

    2020 has been a period of turmoil, angst and unexpected challenges which is why remaining calm and positive has never been more important. With mental health issues on the rise and an economic crisis on the horizon, the world needs solutions to cope. A fundamental principle founding this year has been the need to adapt in an ever-changing climate. Whether it’s businesses or individuals, our everyday’s have been redefined in this strange new world. 

    That’s why we’ve carefully curated this list of strategies to help you best adapt. Despite such change and the unforeseen circumstances we now find ourselves confronting, it’s paramount that we don’t lose hope and a sense of optimism. Tending  to our mental and physical health is key to sailing this storm and conquering this period of adversity. What’s more, it’s a time to come together to support one another during social isolation. 

    So, let’s dive in to find out the best ways you can stay calm and positive during Covid-19! 

    Guard Your Intake of Information

    In this period of isolation, for many of us, our thoughts are our only company which is why we must do our best to guard our mental health and monitor our mood.

     And how do we do that? The answer lies in being selective about the information we consume. Whenever possible, it’s worthwhile limiting your intake of negative news. Considering  mainstream media outlets are now flooded with information related to  covid-19, and the majority is far from uplifting, less is more.  

    Try focussing on the positive actions that are being made on both an individual and collective level. For example, this antiviral drug for covid-19 has had positive results in the lab and thus, is an uplifting read worth spending your time on.

     The principle here is simple. If you decide to go down the rabbit hole of negativity, you’re likely to find yourself overwhelmed and a sense of discouragement may disable your ability to take care of your mental and physical health. So, be selective in what information you allow yourself to consume and consider what you expose yourself to during these times. Positive news has never been more needed so go the extra mile to find your dose of uplifting news. 

    Exercise and Eat Healthily 

    As part of our defense against COVID-19, staying healthy should be our top priority,both mentally and physically.

    If exercising wasn’t a part of your daily routine before now, it’s not too late to start.It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Just be consistent in your efforts. A briefrun outside as per regulations or a small workout within your home will do you a world of good.

     Let's also remember that aside from the physical health benefits that we get from   exercising, endorphins are released during the process which immediately lifts our mood and alleviates stress. What’s more, when you’re able to commit to regular exercise on a daily basis, you will experience a sense of progress (despite the world being at a standstill).

    It’s also a good time to pay attention to the food you’re consuming. With a newfound sense of time, it’s easy to stress-eat however that will only leave you feeling worse which in turn will lead to other negative effects on your mental and physical health. As a general guideline, avoid processed foods and instead, fill your body with fresh, nutrient-rich food. If you’re unsure where to find healthy options, check out the wide range of delivery services bringing wholesome meals to your doorstep such as Soulara. You’ll be supporting the local economy and fueling your body with pure goodness; a win win if you ask us! And finally, limit your alcohol intake so you have a balanced diet. 

    Start A New Hobby

    Staying productive and sharp is key to your mental well-being during this time. If there’s something that you always wanted to try but couldn’t allocate the required time to, now is your opportunity.

     So, get started. Why not approach covid-19 with an alternative perspective and recognise the creative freedom it allows as well as the reflective time it provides you to examine your life, what matters most and what you really want to be doing.

    What’s key here is to set specific targets and goals. Do something for yourself that will make you look back on this time as a period of productivity and achievement. Attack every day with poise and purpose, focussing on the goal in mind. From learning a language to writing a book, partaking in a virtual yoga class to mastering the art of investment, the options are endless. 

    Stay Connected 

    One way in which we can all get through this period is by being there for one another. Whilst we are all in our own versions of isolation, we live in the 21st century which means communication is not limited to being in the same physical space as another person. Reach out to members of your family or friends that you haven’t spoken to and stay connected with your closest social ties.

       What’s more, why not find a support system, person, or group where you all check up on each other? You’re not experiencing this pandemic on your own which is why it’s important to remember that this is a universal struggle and thus, can be approached with socially-connected solutions. 

    Remain Hopeful

    Hope is one of our key allies and, for some, may well be all we have as we wait for the world to return to ‘normalcy.’Whilst it may seem far from now, the world will return to a new type of ‘normal’ and covid-19 will become a memory which is why keeping as optimistic as possible will work wonders. Remember the professionals around the world who are  working tirelessly to ensure that the pandemic is contained and that a cure or a vaccinecan become widely available. You never know the level of impact one kind   gesture can have so make an active effort, whenever possible, to remain upbeat! 

    The Verdict

    Now is the time for individuals to come together as a collective to support and help one another. With small actions and efforts, we can work towards a unified solution that will help us all to stay as positive, calm and hopeful as possible for as long as the pandemic lasts. A holistic approach towards a positive state of mental and physical well-being is key now so be sure to prioritise both equally.

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