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    • Voicelytics Chief Editor
    • September 28th
    Untitled Document 10 Phone Sales Tips to get more from your Cold Calls


    Effective communication is key to good business sales. Have you been wondering how to convince a client of your product when calling them for the first time? Or have you thought about how to put in that call that will ensure positive results? These ten phone sales tips will help you create an effective cold call to potential clients that will yield positive results.

    1. Knowing your prospects
    10 Phone Sales Tips to get more from your Cold Calls The major stage of cold calling in real estate is knowing who you should be calling.
    First of all, you have to make a client list to know people who fit into your product sales. After making a target client list, study your clients to find out their free time, which is necessary, to find out the appropriate time to call and engage them in a productive conversation.
    Secondly, you will have to conduct a background search on data related to them. This could be done by studying their social media activities or studying any other platform pertaining to your prospective client.
    Next, make a client list. It is advisable to look for people who have already put their house up for sale before but have not been able to sell. This is because you are already sure that these clients want their property sold in the first place. Once you get through to your client, make sure you avoid beating about the bush, let them know the reason for your call early enough.

    2. Prioritize client needs
    10 Phone Sales Tips to get more from your Cold Calls Another phone sales tip is to get your client to understand that the reason for your call is to offer them the solutions they really need. Always have it in mind that the main aim of making a cold call is to make the prospective client a happy client. And the only way to do that is by solving their problems, not yours.
    In addition, avoid discussions related to cost, as this could make the customer feel like you just want their money, instead try to find out what they want and find a way to solve it.
    3. Be Specific
    10 Phone Sales Tips to get more from your Cold Calls When having a conversation with prospective clients, introduce yourself, the agency you work for, what they do, and the reason for calling. Do this in a polite manner and be as brief as possible. You could push further with words like, " I believe you are interested in selling..." Statements like this will guide your discussion.

    4. Write a call script
    10 Phone Sales Tips to get more from your Cold Calls One crucial tip usually ignored in phone sales are call scripts; which can be really helpful when used correctly. When making a call script, ensure to write a script that will get your prospective client involved in the conversation. This could be achieved by incorporating questions that will engage them and help you get useful data.
    Try to avoid making the conversation only about your agency and services. Let your script focus on the need of your prospective client and how you can offer them solutions. Call scripts help in getting rid of fear and running out of ways to keep the conversation going.
    The major way to optimize a call script is to make sure you don't sound like you are using one. Sound as normal as possible. To adequately utilize this phone sales tip, check out some examples of cold calling scripts

    5. Avoid price and commission bargaining
    10 Phone Sales Tips to get more from your Cold Calls Haggling over prices and commissions is the fastest way to get rid of prospective customers and should be avoided by all means. People are usually money conscious at every point, so any discussion that involves money will definitely raise their guard.
    Your primary focus during the call should be getting your prospective client to agree on a meeting. Every other conversation, especially those about prices, should be shifted to when the meeting actually happens.

    6. Politely counter objection
    10 Phone Sales Tips to get more from your Cold Calls Getting turned down by a prospective customer is always a possibility, so be prepared for it. The most useful phone sales tip to keep in mind while making a cold call is to find a way to not take "no" for an answer. Do this without crossing your professional boundaries like bad-mouthing fellow agencies or insulting your prospective client.
    Find a way to show them how much value you are offering and even how much they will be forfeiting if they reject your proposal. You can do this by emphasizing how you differ from other agencies and the extra benefits that come with choosing your agency instead.

    7. Adequate preparation
    10 Phone Sales Tips to get more from your Cold Calls Before making a cold call, you have to adequately prepare your mind for things like questions. Giving a satisfactory answer to prospective clients boosts their confidence in what you are offering, so you have to be prepared to answer any question thrown at you.
    The prospect might ask questions relating to your previous clients or how you differ from other agencies. They may also want to know if you offer better benefits. Adequate preparation will help you avoid getting thrown off balance by questions. You could also be asked to give a market plan layout for properties you wish to sell when you have buyers. So, ample preparation is crucial to cold calling.

    8. Provide solutions
    10 Phone Sales Tips to get more from your Cold Calls Offering solutions to problems is the easiest way to sell a product or property. Try to offer solutions from the information you collect from your prospective client and the information that would be offered during the call. For example
    ●      If someone just started poultry or any form of farming or gardening; they might need a house with more space in the compound.
    ●      Or if someone just got married and wants to start a family; they might need a bigger house to accommodate the family.
    Being able to provide solutions to problems like these could guarantee prospective buyers. So, before you cold call a prospective client, get to know the kind of property they might be needing and try to create an avenue for them to get it.

    9. Implement follow-ups
    10 Phone Sales Tips to get more from your Cold Calls Getting a conclusive response is not always the case; that is why you need to include different follow-up techniques. For prospective clients who have not made up their minds yet, send them an email indicating that you are still interested in working with them. Also send another email at a two- or three-weeks interval to avoid putting them under pressure.

    10. Give a memorable impression  
    10 Phone Sales Tips to get more from your Cold Calls This is the most crucial phone sales tip of all. For the first ten to fifteen seconds at the beginning of the call and just before you hang up, try to create a good impression. The first 10secs of the call should be filled with enthusiasm that would engage your customer and end the call in a remarkable way that will portray confidence. Try to avoid catchphrases.

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